Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Those who know me know that I write very serious articles and books that explicate the results of my research. My field is mathematical linguistics and I study ostensible linguistic anomalies in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Yet, all my life I have wanted to write comedy. During high school and my undergrad years I had a dear friend who is considerably older than I. She was in law school at the time and I admired her greatly as a person as well as an intellectual. To top it off, she was Jimmie Walker's girlfriend (before he got his TV show). He used to fly her back and forth between The Comedy Store and The Improv to perform the comedy the two of them used to write. I would gaze upon them and GAWK.

So, for thirty years I've wanted to write comedy, but it always seemed the Grand Prix genre of writing that only the hippest of the hip wrote and I didn't dare.

About a month ago I dared. I wrote two pieces called "The Mobius Strip Club", comedy intended for the high-IQ, polymath set.

I sent the pieces to a friend who is a research fellow at Weitzman. He loved it and recommended that I submit the pieces to the prestigious journal THE JOURNAL OF IRREPRODUCIBLE RESULTS, which is popular with scientists and other academics the world over. Within an hour I received an enthusiastic, positive response from the editor.

The first part, "The Mobius Strip Club - Because Nerds and Geeks Wanna Make The Scene Too", has been published in the last few days. The second part, "The Mobius Strip Club Has Undergone Renovation and Expansion" will be published in the next edition of the JOURNAL OF IRREPRODUCIBLE RESULTS.

The JOURNAL OF IRREPRODUCIBLE RESULTS can be found at the following URL: http://www.jir.com/home.html

I have copyrighted the material because it has been suggested to me that The Mobius idea can serve as the basis of real business ventures in university and college towns. All rights are limited exclusively to me. No part of either part of The Mobius Strip Club may be reproduced in any way without my express written approval.

If anyone is interested in discussing the business prospects that The Mobius represents, I should be delighted to hear from him or her.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat